This story started with 5 advocates of the SCI (spinal cord injury) community in PA who believe we can effect change, to see spinal cord injury treatments reach patients sooner rather than later. This page will share stories of research and hope, and stories of friends within our SCI community, but most of all we will be asking for your help. We CANNOT do this without your help. Our number of advocates has continued to grow since the start of our story, and we are looking at YOU to advocate for change.  We will be working with the PA Senate and House of Representatives to propose a bill to bring research grants to those working towards the cure in PA. There are active and exciting advancements being made by researchers at Drexel, Penn, Jefferson, Penn State, Pitt, and Temple, among others. However, a lack of consistent funding has slowed the momentum of this exciting and incredible research. We will need help from friends around the world to write letters and emails when called upon, and we will need help from our fellow PA residents around the state, to call, write, email your local representative and to tell them your story (because you are part of our story) and ask for their support. Please message this page or any of us individually if you are a PA resident and willing to help. We will need help from every corner of the state. If you don’t know who your representatives are, no worries, we can help. Thank you in advance for the support!!